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Your Cilia Are Smoked, Dude

Posted on: 20 Maret 2011



Smoking cigarettes paralyzes the cilia on the cells that make up the surface of your respiration tract. The job of those cilia is to beat like little whips, moving mucus upward where you can cough it out. Mucus is the sticky, gooey stuff that traps dust, pollen and germs when you breath them in. So, when a smoker paralyzes their cilia, they stop the ciliary escalator that was moving all the junk out of their body.

The Junk stays in their lungs and makes them more susceptible to colds and other disease. Also poisons from the cigarette smoke stay in their lungs and combine to make tar. When smokers sleep (and thus are not smoking), some of their cilia recover. So, first thing in the morning, those cilia try to do their job again. The result is the deep hack of a smoker’s cough as the try to clear the junk out of their lungs.

Taken from : Molecular Biology for Dummies, page 50 😀


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